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DAAN@daanworks is an independent professional with international experience in the area of ​​HR projects. DAAN supports organizations in carrying out their plans within a set time frame, in good time and with good results. Working toward that future goal? DAAN can help.


Mergers, legal partnerships and acquisitions ('Merger & Acquisition’) or outsourcing are labor-intensive processes that usually bring together a wide range of expertise; especially in the preparation phase. DAAN performs due diligence on the HR side and advises the M&A team. After realization, DAAN can be engaged in the integration of people, processes, and instruments. A post-merger integration process significantly increases the chances of successful collaboration.


Negotiating with works councils or with trade unions? DAAN is very experienced in developing and negotiating collective labor agreements and regulations. Everything is possible in co-creation when all parties put their mutual interests in the company first!


Is your HR director or manager temporarily absent and do you not only want to keep the business going but also keep track of current or future change processes? DAAN can be employed for a period of one to a few days per week.


Organizations have clear ideas about their long-term visions and missions. Usually, a company’s strategy is reassessed every five years: Are we still on the right track, what requires attention in the areas of ​​structure, culture, or investments? As a result, relevant strategies are developed, such as the HR strategy. DAAN can advise on this, but can also develop these strategies and make a start with implementation.


DAAN can be engaged for projects within and outside the HR field. If there are goals, and there are people involved, DAAN’s decisive attitude will help provide solutions.

Projects can vary from the creation and implementation of a social plan, coordinating rounds of dismissals, and tendering to the selection of an occupational health service provider. For anything, from hiring a caterer to the communication process around an organizational change, DAAN thinks and works across the board.


Discover (management) potential based on assessments and personal interviews. DAAN advises on development processes.


Troubleshooting, mediating in conflicts, regaining trust in a team: Sometimes it is better to involve an outsider to help improve relationships. DAAN has a lot of experience in this and is strong in communication



Sometimes foreign offices are too small to have local HR support. DAAN knows her way in relation to many foreign countries so can arrange local HR matters from within the parent company. DAAN knows the dynamics of international organizations, with their different cultures, the political arena, and functional versus hierarchical leadership.

International experience DAAN:

  • Europe

  • South-East Asia

  • Middle East

  • South Africa

  • United States of America

  • Canada

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