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Change projects (for people and organizations): DAAN helps them realise. 

Hands on, in co-creation and with eye for the human aspect


A relocation project is imminent and is being used to help achieve a cultural change: Working differently, being more environmentally conscious, more meeting and interacting, increasing involvement. As a project leader for all non-technical facility issues, DAAN is responsible for internal communication, tenders for catering and cleaning, furnishing a new building, and the relocation itself.


A new business structure is announced—derived from a customized strategy.

DAAN provides the necessary infrastructure to make it work: role descriptions, reporting lines, and adjusting financial and HR instruments. And, of course, communication, with employees, and with the works council.

Building a team

The company wants to expand its footprint in the Middle East and to buy a laboratory where cables and panels can be tested. There is a business, there is a network, and now there is a lab too. But there are no employees yet.

DAAN is flown in (literally) and, together with the business managers involved, puts together a team of technicians, engineers, sales, and administrative support.

Personal communication

A large non-profit organization wants to link up its internal communications with a “people-oriented” strategy.

DAAN works to make internal HR communication more people-oriented: rewriting all standard correspondence in understandable language, warmer in tone, and more people-friendly.

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