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Power to people and work.

The letters DAAN stand for Drive | Action | Attention | No nonsense.

Daan is also my name.

I am a connector. Decisive, committed, and energetic. An initiator who is happy to roll up her sleeves and get going. I work in the same way I do sports: Tactically very well, with lots of insights, and I bring spirit and fun to the team. I go for it!

I like to lead (project) teams so they can work together on solutions.

I love unexpected side paths, I involve people in word and deed, and I am always focused on a good solution or a good result, with an eye for the human aspect.


In almost 30 years I have learned and taught a lot in HR.

I initially worked in the non-profit sector, later mainly in international-business services at KEMA and DEKRA.


As Director HR & Talent development I was responsible for the entire palette at DEKRA: M&A projects, collective bargaining, culture-change projects, absenteeism counseling, strategy development, HR integration at an international level, shared services in the Netherlands, individual coaching, and conflict management. 


End 2018 I decided it was time for a change and started DAAN@daanworks as of January 1, 2019.

Since April 23, 2019 certified partner Management Drives.

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